What's been going on?
It's not asleep, just having a nap!

Now that I've got a spare few days, I thought I'd make an actual update, given that the last one was about 4 years ago!
The current plans for the burgeoning gongbong 'empire' are to soon move the hosting to amazons ec2 system, mainly to prepare for greater integration with the s3 storage system.
This will then pave the way for not just the development and launch of gongbong.dj but also for gongbongmedia.com - the one-stop shop for a/v media information and studio services.
As a slightly more 'modern' webmail system, I've been trying out the roundcube system, which is what is known as as a Web2.0 application. As such it has groovy things which make it appear kindof like outlook in its display (message preview, folder list on left, auto-saving of drafts every 3 minutes).
I've got an install of this here: Bullet7 http://roundcube.gongbong.com

Why was the site blank?
13/05/07 It appears apache2 handles user/file permissions a bit differently from apache1.3
A called script has to be owned by the same user as the calling script, which is a good idea really... So all the gongbong site is now owned by the appropriate user and it all seems to work again :)

Where did we all go?
18/03/07 Having (mostly) recovered from the hardware failure of last week (after two quite intense days of reconfiguration), most things are back to normal. What you will notice is that all your previous mail isn't currently available. This is because I've taken this opportunity to migrate to using the Cyrus mail storage engine which uses a different format (Maildir) to the previous setup (flat-file mbox). Unfortunately it isn't as simple as converting the files from one format to the other, as I've done that and copied them into the location they need to be, yet they're not yet recognised as 'being there'. The only person (as far as I can tell) to actually lose any mail, was in fact me (my inbox), and I haven't been able to find that file among those recovered (fsck'ed it) from the old machine. So... your old mail IS still around, I just have to get it into the new storage engine. There are a number of reasons why I wanted to take this opportunity to change things round, just I'd rather have done it at my own pace rather than it being forced like it kinda has been. Mostly it's easing administration (all accounts held now in LDAP) and allowing for new features like server-side rules for mail filtering and other stuff. So all should be back in your mailboxes soon... Sean.

Right then... Server is up and running with mail being received.
Now uses postfix+cyrus-imap with ldap for back-end (easier for creating users and the forthcoming at some time new gongbong site...)
I 'think' the sasl for smtp-auth is working but not completely sure if it's that or the fact that I haven't got all the mail folders migrated yet. As cannot save mail to a (non-existent) sent folder. (y es I suppose I could try creating it...)
With regards to 'old' mail, I've converted it from flat-files (mbox) to nice new Maildir (one message per file, lots faster and safer) but I haven't yet got cyrus (the imap mail-store) to acknowledge it s existence...
May require peoples passwords to do a filesystem->imap migration.
You'll be pleased to note that all mail seems intact, however there's one mailbox that seems to be missing, and it happened to be MY Inbox! :o(

Due to a power problem with the hosted server on 12th March 2007, all of the gongbong and related services are currently off-line.
Basically the machine went a bit screwy and upon a reboot and filesystem check, seemed to lose /etc where all the important config files are.
I have been informed by the hosting provider that all mail files and website data are still intact, but these need to be copied from the old machine onto this nice new one and that whole process and con figuration may take a couple of days.
We hope to have normal service resumed soom, but at the moment I would ask you to all be a bit patient.
I know full off-site system backups would have been a good thing and the process was in progress but sadly this incident occured before the could be put in place...

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