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What it is will serve as a compliment to and support to projects that are undertaken by people we know, to provide relevant feedback, publicity and contact. Also a central resource for topics we and our users find interesting, informative, entertaining and maybe even educational
Chris came up with the name, it's just syllables that rhyme.
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NOTES FROM THE TOAD. A New Haven Yippie Convention.
ATI recently attended a Vicious Hippies/Wavy Gravy concert.
It was phenomenal. Wavy Gravy started us off with his "Gong Bong". It involved sitting indian style in a circle holding hands. We were to breath in slowly and deeply thru our noses til we ouldnt take any more in, then you let it out hissing thru your teeth. 14 times is an official GongBong, according to Hugh Romney, aka Wavy Gravy. He suggested we start out with just 7 since we're east coast, and cant relate to peace and harmony quite yet.
The Yale dweebs got offended and demanded a chance at 14, so we did fourteen. Success. On the 14th "hit" you scream out whatever comes out your lungs, and the band (Vicious Hippies) takes the
noise in and resubmits it as raucous rock-n-roll.
And rock, they did.

    Written by Admin
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